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I came across i-lipo through a social website, and I have been fighting stubborn fat on my love handles and back for years. The treatment was such a good deal that I thought I would look into it - but was sceptical.

Any negative thoughts left me after the first few sessions when I could immediately see and feel a difference. Taking the sound advice of doing exercise and eating incredibly well through the treatment certainly does make all the difference and really speeds you on your way. All in all I had 12 sessions here and have now lost an incredible amount of fat from my troubling areas. I'm in clothes that I haven't worn for years and my confidence has soared. I look better due to the exercise and good eating and am wearing my belt two holes tighter.

John and Mandy are wonderful, and I started to really look forward to my visits there. They are both warm, friendly and supportive and get genuinely excited when they see your body changing too. The whole process felt like a joint venture between us all. Highly recommended!!!