What the Doctors say

“i-Lipo uses low level laser energy to stimulate the body into doing something it would already do naturally.”
“What’s interesting about this entire process is that by simply exercising within a few hours of treatment you quickly expend the released fat, which will be processed by the liver for use by the body.”
“We’ve observed circumference reductions in the treatment area of about 7% to 10% after a full one month course with i-Lipo, without changes in body weight.”
“Immediate gratification is rare in non-invasive technologies; it’s a very reinforcing stimulus with strong psychological benefits. In my experience it encourages people who might not otherwise be motivated to stick to healthy regimen of diet and exercise.”
“The device not only reduces inches, it allows us to sculpt specific areas and help the patient achieve their own personal aesthetic goals as well.”
“i-Lipo appeals to people in the community who would otherwise avoid an invasive and costly procedure such as liposuction. It is safe, non-invasive, cost effective, and doesn’t disrupt their daily routine, but gives them the visible results they want.”
“I think this modality is going to gain in popularity because it’s one of those rare treatments that’s effective, and yet has little to no chance of harming the patient.”
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