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*All individual results are a full treatment of 8 sessions over a 4 week period

posted on and verified by Treatwell nicolacaswell

i-Lipo posted 1 week ago

London house is fantastic and I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about weight loss. The home visit is such an added feature that not many places offer and having the session in the privacy of your home is so convenient and comfortable especially for those working long hours like myself. This service paired with exercise and a healthy diet works wonders. So after my first 8 sessions I lost a dress size going from a size 20 to a loose 18, total of 30.5cm lost over 3 measurement areas. I am on my second round of treatments now with 2 treatments to go losing a total of 27.5cm over 3 areas moving down to a size 16-18. My mum and friends were so amazed at my results after the first session they have also signed up with fantastic results themselves. Mandy is so friendly and helpful I cannot thank her enough, she is always on time and professional and really care about her clients.

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Really pleased with the results. I did I lipo for my abdominal area recently. Highly recommended – great results, amazing staff, good location. You can literally see and feel the difference. However, in order to keep the results you will need to maintain physical activity and healthy diet! At least I’m going to 😉 it’s like a new chapter!

posted on and verified by Treatwell kimbee


I searched every where for this treatment and for me finding a place that had really good reviews was paramount. I researched a load of places and found this one that had really good reviews. One thing that really stood out from the reviews was the service here, so I thought this was a good place to try!

Not only was I really pleased with the results (people who I hadn’t seen for a couple of months were telling me how well I was looking and asking me for dieting tips as result!) but the I found the service here second to none. It really is soo good here and I would thoroughly recommend it to any one. I came here to lose weight (which I did and am ecstatic with the results) and in addition to that I got exceptional service. What I really like about the people here, is that they are genuine, really care about what they do and are passionate about it. For me, that’s what makes a really good company and the kind of place you will come back to again and recommend to your friends. A BIG BIG thank you to everyone there. All so lovely and a credit to you all :)!! xx


posted on and verified by Treatwell Doliver

i-Lipo Posted May

I came to London house via a promotion last year. I had 3 sessions to start with to see if what I read was true. I was amazed at the inch loss that I achieved so I paid the extra to complete the course of 8.

This year, I thought having read up and speaking to John about the new I-Lipo x cell machine I would give that a go. Having just completed today my 8 sessions my results are really good yet again.

The sad part is my course has ended, John and Mandy are such a delight as are all staff. At London house you are always welcomed and looked after,could not ask for more. The machines, the staff and the décor to me are 5 star and money well spent. I would recommend London House to any male, female, young or old looking for results.


Posted on and verified by Treatwell kbhanji

i-Lipo Posted 1 week ago

I have recently completed 8 sessions of ilipo at London house and am really pleased with the results.

A few years ago I had cryolipolysis treatment at another venue and was devastated to find that I ended up with some cellulite on my stomach as a result. I went to London house expecting a bit of weight loss but not really an improvement with the cellulite, however I achieved both! A big thank you to the lady owner, she was great, very welcoming, always remembered my name and was very accommodating with appointments. I will definitely go back for more appointments when my bank balance allows!


Posted on and verified by Treatwell lilmcc

i-Lipo Posted 3 weeks ago

I have NO IDEA why everyone doesn’t do i-Lipo. Just after the first treatment I was hooked! Everyone has been asking me what my secret is and it’s so amazing that I tell them straight out what it is helping me and to go do it right away! I am now back into size 25 jeans and couldn’t be happier! Down from a 28. I do eat well and go to the gym so this was that extra boost I needed to continue my weight loss.

The people are beyond friendly, helpful and sincere. I look forward to seeing everyone each time I go! The place is super clean as well and well maintained. I LOVE it there and will continue to go for top ups and to get a good dose of the crew! I LOVE it there, my new confidence, and friends.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Treatwell Anna BM

When I started i-Lipo I was very sceptical about what it was and if it would work, I’m half way through my course of i-Lipo and have to say that its absolutely amazing, off course i have to really work out after and my god I’m strict with my food in take but its so worth it I’ve so far lost 9 cm of my waist and still got 4 sessions to go, I’m starting to see the muscles in my stomach………….

To top everything else of the staff are wonderful and really polite,I feel comfortable with them and its even just a joy to go there and have a chat relax and see the fat melt away.

I would recommend this treatment, especially with The London House Can’t wait to re post and tell you all exactly how much fat ive really lost and what my waist was to what it is now………..

So this is my last session and in total I have lost 10 inches of my waist with 8 sessions over a month, I have no crease at the bottom of my belly that trousers and babies give us women, I’m so happy with the results. I had to come back on here and let everyone know how amazing i-Lipo is with The London House.

Dedicate 8 sessions to yourself and watch your self shrink. It’s not easy and yes you have to change your eating habits and exercise but its so worth it.


Posted on and verified by Treatwell nickyf123

I first stared i-lipo 3 months before my wedding. At the time I was overweight (size 18) and certainly not able to fit into the dream dress I had brought months before. I was recommended to try this treatment by a very good friend. I will admit I was very dubious to begin with, as I have tried every diet and every fad under the sun, but I can honestly say this was the first thing that has ever worked for me. Thanks to the support of Mandy and her team I got into my beloved dress, I lost inches from by stomach, around my ribs and even my off my back! I can never thank them enough for making me look and feel so special on my wedding day!

Now it’s 3 months on since the wedding and I am back again, not to fit into a special dress this time, instead to feel healthy and happy. I know when I am having these treatments my attitude towards food changes, my exercise increases, I have more confidence in my body and I just love hearing how many cm I have lost each week. I have not got the patience for a slow approach to weight loss, with this treatment I am losing cm’s each week. I could feel the difference within a month and this just spurred me on. I still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it with the support from London House. I can honestly say it has changed my life!


Posted on and verified by Treatwell marzena28

I booked this through a deal and have been very, very happy with my results. I had two sets of sessions – each session 8 treatments – for thighs. AMAZING! this treatment really is absolutely fantastic!

I have tried earlier more traditional ways of losing extra fat – gym, jogging, exercise for these stubborn parts, but NOTHING helped like the i-Lipo treatment. I’m now so happy the way I look. Also the way I feel too. The only thing now is that I need to buy new trousers but this doesn’t worries me much.

John and Mandy are wonderful people. They are both very friendly and supportive. Your success in loosing extra inches is also their success. I can tell that for sure! during the whole process you always get professional help and information. And if you feel like chatting to Mandy she is a great listener!! and a great person to have a very good conversation too.

My sessions are finished now. I strongly advise the treatment. Without no doubt! It really works.

Good luck to all new starters!!!!! I wish all of you results like mine, and satisfaction with the treatment like mine!

All the best!!

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Treatwell katiepd laser lipo

I started going to the London House about three months ago. It was a last resort as I had tried every diet and exercise in order to try and get rid of stubborn fat around my big legs (which I have always had since a teenager) and lose weight. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but after I spoke to Mandy I felt reassured that maybe this time it would work! Mandy is amazing and assured me that as long as I put in the cardio work in after I and a healthy diet t would have effect and believe me it did! Not only were my legs getting smaller by the session I was eating better and enjoying the exercise, which I have now carried on with.

I would recommend this to anyone who has an area of stubborn fat which won’t shift or an area which is not in proportion to the rest of your body. I have really enjoyed going to the London House, all the staff are welcoming, friendly and realistic about what you need to do for you to achieve your best results. I highly recommended if you want i-Lipo or Ultra go here. Thank You London House for my new legs and I will see you soon.

Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Treatwell jodielayton

i-Lipo is literally awesome…

I lost over 5cm off each leg (I had my inner thigh and the backs of my thighs laser-ed) in just 5 sessions!!!!!

I was very skeptical at first but thought I’d give it a go as I was due to go on holiday and was willing to try anything, 5CM OFF EACH LEG!!!!!

Massively chuffed, all the staff are so lovely and give you tips on how to maximize the treatment (no caffeine on the same day etc) all I had to do is exercise afterwards (even walking worked).

I couldn’t recommend the treatment or the staff any higher, give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised!

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Treatwell belg0612

I have hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), which make weight loss harder and weight gain much easier than used to be the case. Although my condition is now medically controlled and my metabolism stable, I was still warned that I may not get any results from this kind of laser treatment.

But this was not the case at all: after just a six sessions, I lost 2 inches around my abdomen and 4-5 pounds in weight, which is very impressive after three weeks (at 2 sessions per week). I did do some aerobics during treatment (2-3 times a week) and I did cut out all superfluous calories from the diet (no fattening carbs or chocolate) for the duration but this alone would not account entirely for the results I got because I lost more from the treated area than I have from non-treated parts of my body.

The owners of TLH, John and Mandy, and the rest of the staff I dealt with there were wonderful. They are friendly, reassuring and honest in their assessment of your likely results and so they manage your expectations well and won’t just take your money. Because they use top of the range iLipo laser machines that actually work, I would definitely return to them for further i-Lipo treatment in future, should I need it. That’s because I will be well looked after and I know that I won’t be wasting my money. After all, TLH do deal with this kind of non-invasive fat reduction treatment exclusively and that, I believe, makes a huge difference, whilst other centres that claim to offer similar treatment often use far inferior equipment made in China that don’t work at all or produce far inferior results and still charge similar prices.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Treatwell davin

Having had a less than positive experience in a back room of an optician’s where the very small room was cluttered with all manner of objects and I felt uncomfortable feeling I was being judged, I was a little cynical about booking another set of i-Lipo treatments. I am so glad I did! London House, based in Tottenham Court Road restored my faith and won my confidence. From the moment I walked up the flight of stairs to find the door ajar, I felt comfortable. The reception area is smart, clean, functional and welcoming. Nikki immediately made me feel at ease and talked everything through with me with patience and understanding. Whether or not I lost anything after the first session was irrelevant, as I felt lighter. Most of the remaining treatments were with Mandy who also was very friendly and welcoming. If there is one word to describe London House, it is PROFESSIONAL. Staff has been friendly showing a personal interest but not being intrusive and nothing is too much trouble. I am always greeted warmly and even when I have been really early I have hardly had to wait any time. I will be returning before too long.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda 777-777

Really like my experience! When I called to The London House they booked all my appointment in ones on convenient time for me. The place is very clean, friendly atmosphere, professional people.

I did 6 sessions of i-Lipo on my waist and I am happy with a result. I am slim and I go to gym but wasn’t able to get rid of my fat on stomach and back. After i-Lipo I noticed visible improvement.

I also did 6 sessions of cellulite treatments: very comprehensive treatments, really worth it. I tried another treatments before but this one in TLH was the best for me, definitely removing cellulite, smoothing skin, reduce size.

My friends noticed that too 🙂 Thank you very much Amanda.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda richthom

I came across i-Lipo through a social website, and I have been fighting stubborn fat on my love handles and back for years. The treatment was such a good deal that I thought I would look into it – but was sceptical.

Any negative thoughts left me after the first few sessions when I could immediately see and feel a difference. Taking the sound advice of doing exercise and eating incredibly well through the treatment certainly does make all the difference and really speeds you on your way. All in all I had 12 sessions here and have now lost an incredible amount of fat from my troubling areas. I’m in clothes that I haven’t worn for years and my confidence has soared. I look better due to the exercise and good eating and am wearing my belt two holes tighter.

John and Mandy are wonderful, and I started to really look forward to my visits there. They are both warm, friendly and supportive and get genuinely excited when they see your body changing too. The whole process felt like a joint venture between us all. Highly recommended!!!

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda midgey490

I had i-Lipo on my abdomen area. My abdomen area was measured at 3 points and I lost 12 1/4 inches after 8 sessions. Mandy, John and their staff are very welcoming and put you at ease. The premises are very clean and professional and the venue is very easy to get to, being just around the corner from Warren St tube. I was so happy with the results that I am booking another 8 sessions after I come back from my holiday next month.

Thanks again Mandy and John and see you soon.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda coletteh

The owners are very welcoming and know their stuff, the location is central and easy to get too (just near Tottenham court road tube). The environment has been nicely designed and is fit for purpose.

Posted on and verified by Wahanda cowfishbadger Male

I was initially pretty skeptical, and to be fair not much happened in terms of fat loss after the first two sessions, but after finishing the course I’ve managed to lose almost 4cm from my bum. It’s an area I’d never been able to lose fat from before, no matter how much I exercised, but I’ve been so impressed with the treatment that I’ve paid for an additional 2 sessions at full price.

I’d recommend it to anyone who is physically fit, but has a problem area of fat. It’s not a miracle cure – you need to put the hard work with burning it off after each session and sticking to the recommended diet, but it does genuinely work.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda livinglife

I have been very pleased with the results. I am carrying on with treatments as I have more to lose with my ‘spare tyre’. I had tried cavitation with ultrasound which left me shocked, bruised and in pain. The treatment was fully explained on my first visit when measurements were taken, and I was advised what I needed to do to get the best out of the treatments – aerobic exercise to use up the released fat and healthy diet. The 20 minutes treatment is relaxing. The ambience is professional, though not clinical and unlike beauty parlours and spas there is no pressure to buy products; they don’t sell any! The husband and wife couple that run this are very helpful and flexible. I would recommend this method of losing fat from these difficult areas.

*Results may vary

i-Lipo Posted on and verified by Wahanda josiane

The staff, husband and wife were very friendly.

John took particular care when I called to book my visits to meet my requirements. The venue itself is new, very clean and atmosphere relaxing.

The actual treatment is painless, it’s 20mins of pure relaxation and lost 3cms on my first visit!

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda pistachio

Visited Dec 2011. Surprisingly really amazing – I would recommend it, friendly staff, easy to get to and it works!

I just wish they had a treadmill/ mini gym then it would be perfect.

Posted on and verified by Wahanda sassylady1983

I booked 6 sessions of i-Lipo through a Groupon deal. I have joined Wahanda just to file a positive review of this place because I have been so pleased.

To begin with, the deal (6 sessions of i-Lipo for £199) was a big reduction on the original price so my rationale for booking it was that if it does nothing for me, at least I won’t have spent the full whack on it. They recommend a course of 8 for optimum results.

The salon is very small but stylish (but you would be forgiven for thinking it looked a bit shifty from the outside). The staff are excellent – always very friendly and accommodating and very engaging.

I have now had 5 of my 6 sessions and there has been definite inch loss around my abdomen. With one treatment to go, I have lost around 1.5 inches around my waist and abdomen and around 4lb in weight! This has been combined with 45 minutes of exercise on the day of each treatment and a healthy diet (I had been doing the Dukan diet and am now on the consolidation phase so eating very few carbs anyway).

Overall, I would highly recommend this place and hope that they offer some more deals soon so that I can purchase some more sessions!

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda oriel

I was recommended by a friend to London House as I was struggling to lose the last of my pregnancy weight gain and in particular shift the fat round my tummy and hips. My best fiend was getting married and I wanted to look my best. The staff made me feel very welcome and relaxed and the procedure is quick (I went in my lunch hour) and pain free. At first I was a bit sceptical as after two sessions I hadn’t seen the results I was hoping for but with encouragement and advice on post treatment exercise I am glad I stuck with it, as I have now lost 8 cm round my tummy and for the first time in 18mths I have felt slim with two sessions still to complete. ‘ The one thing I would say, is the treatment is expensive so you have to be prepared to combine the treatments with a healthy diet and exercise otherwise you’ll end up wasting money.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda fenfen

Visited Aug 2011. I am in the middle of my 8 session treatment at the London house, and am tackling my stomach area. So far I am extremely happy with the results, my tummy is finally flattening and the cellulite treatments is helping to tone it up. The treatment takes half an hour from start to finish and you literally feel nothing, amazing. i-Lipo is my new fat-loss bible without a doubt! But, more than anything The London House doesn’t feel like a clinic, and that is what drew me to it the most. I found the clinics, clinical (excuse the pun) and it made it feel like a big deal, and also me a bit nervous. Here it is relaxed, but professional, and it’s also really trendy which as a young woman in her 20’s is something I prefer to a doctoresque surgery. I can’t recommend it enough.

*Results may vary

Posted on and verified by Wahanda jaxrooney

Really happy with my experience at London House. The place is very relaxing and the staff extremely friendly. I am very pleased with the results. The top of my thighs, my problem area, are looking noticeably slimmer and smoother.

*Disclaimer These are individual results. Results may vary
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