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The London House cellulite treatment consists of 6 to 8 intense 1.5 to 2 hour sessions. Over recent years we have seen our clients workload become more demanding and attending the clinic for their sessions increasingly problematic, most of the time arriving late or not at all, but certainly stressed.

Therefore in 2016 we decided to take the clinic to them where they can relax in their own home and have their treatment at their convenience. This has been extremely successful, as attending the clinic took typically 3-5 hours out of their day.

i-Lipo treatment at home

Due to the success of our mobile cellulite treatment service we now offer the i-Lipo treatment at home.

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London house is fantastic and I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about weight loss. The home visit is such an added feature that not many places offer and having the session in the privacy of your home is so convenient and comfortable especially for those working long hours like myself. This service paired with exercise and a healthy diet works wonders. So after my first 8 sessions I lost a dress size going from a size 20 to a loose 18, total of 30.5cm lost over 3 measurement areas. I am on my second round of treatments now with 2 treatments to go losing a total of 27.5cm over 3 areas moving down to a size 16-18. My mum and friends were so amazed at my results after the first session they have also signed up with fantastic results themselves. Mandy is so friendly and helpful I cannot thank her enough, she is always on time and professional and really care about her clients.

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